KK wants to test father’s blood

Did you guys do it? They say it’s normal for all first time babies.

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Yes normal. Unless your partner has a comprehensive blood test report that he can submit. I’m not sure about kkh but my hubby didn’t have to do it because my gynae asked him for any comprehensive blood test report he has done before. It would usually test for thalassemia.


Yes of course it's normal, we even had to do it for my current second pregnancy. My husband didn't have to do it this time because he just had blood work done for his job at the start of the year so the results are still valid.

Yes for me quite important as theyll test for thalassemia. Cs if youre a carrier and your husband is a carrier, high chance baby will have a blood problem when born

my husband took blood test at kkh for my 1st born my following 2nd to 4th pregnancy no need already

yes. First time kkh got ask my husband for blood test but was 4yrs ago🤣

at which week/month will they test for father's blood?

3mo ago

Nope didnt ask mine

KKH didn’t ask my husband to do any blood test

I suppose could b to c whether got thalessemia

4mo ago

Yes this

I wasn’t asked too. What were are you at?

3mo ago

First time mum? They told me first time parents need

yes my husband also they test it.😆