Describe your child in 5 words. Five words that come to my mind are life-changing, cute, naughty, intelligent and fun!!

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Teacher: how to appreciate simple things in life, how to stay true to your real feelings, how to be happy just because, how to ask and have faith it will be done, how to love unconditionally

1st Son: sweet, independent, smart, caring, introvert 2nd son: energetic, loving, extrovert, adventurous, witty

Naughty, smart, cute, loveable and bubbly. 28months old but looks like 4yo alreDy 😂

Am yet to hold my baby but I know my baby will be a blessing to my husband and I

Sweet, innocent, loving, tantrum-thrower, adorable and the best company.

All my children: Sweet, loving, adorable, wonderfull, intelligent.

Cute nice kind lovely smart brave ND always happy to be with

Sweet, intelligent, Sharp mind, beautiful, naughty

Smart.. Loving.. Active.. Caring.. Obedient..

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Strong, cute, intelligent, inspirational,fun