baby allergic to milk formula

Dear mummy's if my baby after drink milk and with burping but when we put her on bed awhile later she will vomit milk out. Is it normal? Is it because she's allergic to milk formula brand that I m feeding? She don't vomit much and always aft every feed.

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Super Mum

Is your baby spitting up or vomiting? If she is spitting up then is reflux which is very common. You can minimise spitting by burping your baby several times during each feeding, keeping your baby in an upright position for 30mins after feeding and make sure the diaper is not too tight that it puts pressure on the baby's stomach. If she is vomiting milk, then you may want to bring her to see a PD.

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3y ago

Thank you. I m feeding 90ml now. Maybe is too much.