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Can anyone recommend a good formula milk for 12months baby. I don't feel that my baby's meal is balanced thus i feel a need to give her formula. Currently giving Dugro cos she consumed Dulac before but she doesn't drink much and we always end up wasting and throwing it away.

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s26 Ascenda is recommended. I was a straight Grow mommy to my boy from infant til he turns 18mos, then shifted to s26 progress, last 2 weeks I saw the Ascenda and he loves it more than the stage 3 s26. It is good for 1-7 years of Age 😊

Can start to give fresh milk. I buy marigold uht kind and he starts to drink much more milk compared to before 1yo he drank NAN HA formula.

Mine also not having balanced meal , I am using Nan Optipro to get the nutrients from formula milk

I am giving full cream cows milk for my 1 year old.