Heartburn/ acid reflux

Dear mummies, I’m in week 11 and I’ve been having acid reflux in the middle of the night. It feels like the middle of my stomach is queezy and I vomit yellow bile shortly after. It usually happens once in the middle of my sleep. Any advise on how I can cope with this? Thank you!

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this is me still even at 15 weeks+. I've been experiencing this since week 8 onwards and it has been affecting my sleep. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night to sit up straight to counter the queasiness and the churning. you can try taking Gaviscon to neutralise the acid but sometimes it doesn't really help much for me as the relief is only for a while and it comes back. I've puked yellow liquid too in early AM. :(

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I went to see GP and he told me to treat heartburn first because heartburn is the cause of acid reflux. Dr gave me pill and liquid meds something like gaviscon. And it help! Avoid eating spices like curry, chillies and pepper

I also felt the same drying first trimester. I slept with my head elevated with more pillows and also taking gaviscon after meals helped with acid reflux also. You will feel better soon, hang in there!

i had this throughout my whole pregnancy. i will throw everything i ate. Gaviscon doesn't help me, hence, i controlled type of food intake & slepping posture to reduce the uneasiness.

Drink PH balancer. Can be find in NTUC. I don't have this nausea / heartburn / acid reflux after that.

I asked my gyane he say can take gaviscon double action and it helps for me.

Avoid spicy or oily food and try sleeping with back slightly elevated.