Dear mommies, my LO is 9 months old and teething. I want to ask how long each teething last and how frequent it happens? Does body temp usually increase to max how high ? Thanks a lot :)

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Hi . Teething can occur anytime as early as 4 months old . Dun worry too much if your child's teething a bit later . Yes , sometimes their temperature will increase , just sponge your child frequently if it happens . Fever will go away in a couple of days . But it does not happen for every tooth . Just monitor them closely .

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it depend on individual baby. usually body will have mild fever. unless your baby is like mine special case 3 teeth at one shot follow by 2 shortly next body went into high fever.

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My 1st baby will have low grade fever for about a week when she was teething, my 2nd baby don't have any fever, suddenly a tooth appear 😄

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It may vary. Not all babies who are teething will have increase in body temperature. Just monitor when necessary :)

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