Day 4 of 8: World Breastfeeding Week Contest 🥳

We're at the halfway mark of our contest, and hope you've been answering these questions daily ✅ Tap to find out what is the question for Day 4 💬

Day 4 of 8: World Breastfeeding Week Contest 🥳
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After giving birth, I used to just eat 3 meals, then 1 snack sometimes. Now that my baby is now a toddler, I notice I also enjoy midnight snacking plus 3 meals and 1 afternoon snack!

Hi all, thank you for your participation. The world breastfeeding week contest has ended. The winners will receive an email from us with their prize. Thank you.

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I usually can only squeeze in 3 tines a day: breakfast, lunch , dinner but i drink a lot of water coz im more thirsty than hungry🤪

I will eat 4 to 6 small meals throughout the day as I get hungry easily! I will also include healthy snacks in between like fruits!

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too many meals! haha. i have my main meals and i’m snacking throughout the day and drinking tons of water too!

3 meals and 2 snacks time (afternoon and night) Breastfeeding makes me hungry fast 🙊🙈❤️

I made sure i always had my usual 3 meals plus lots of snacks and plenty of drinks in between.

3 meals and snack time in the afternoon and at night when I’m up doing the night feeds!

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2 meals and tons of snack times 🤭Breastfeeding makes me more thirsty than hungry 😅

4 to 6 times a day cos my boy drinks a lot! very exhausting but satisfying (: