My daughter really love to watch learning video at youtube.. but it makes her more interest in english than indonesian language. Is that okay if she learn the name lof all the thing in 2 language? She is 2,5 yrs old now.. and she able to determine the name of object in both language. Is it better to focus in 1 language or is that okay to learn both of them in same time? Thank you :)

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Hi, there! I think it's totally ohkay as long as she use both language in daily basis. The thing is when she use english but the environment didn't support it. Salam. 😊

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I wouldn't be too concerned. You may want to read up on simultaneous bilingualism i.e. The acquisition of two languages at the same time. Good luck to us!

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Depends on your child mom, if she can learn both of them it would be good.. everychild have different stages to learn, maybe in this case she is fast learners than other..

it's okay mom.. kids have to learn more than one language.. the first one their mother tongue and the second one their second language..

wow awesome...bilingual better u are so lucky bcs ur daughter so smart and talented...

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gpp bun. asal konsisten saja dan tidak campur2 penggunaannya

It's great that she's learning two languages!

2 language no problem mom

that's cool actualy👍

wah that's nice