Napping time for the 13m kid

My daughter now is 13 months old, how many times should she nap in the day time? She normally go to bed around 8-9pm Wakes up around 7-8am last month she nap twice in the day time, 10am and 3pm.. around 1 hour each. Now she seems getting awake longer in day time, is it ok to nap one time only? Like 12pm-2pm

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It’s fine!! Same as yours. My lo 15m now. Nap twice a day. Sometimes once a day too. If 1 nap tend to sleep longer 2 hr to 2.5 hr. If my lo sleeps early eg 7.30pm-8pm, will awake earlier next day

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3y ago

Same! I think it’s ok And not to worry. They are growing up day by day, so perhaps it changes their sleeping pattern. The phase is also different which I observe. As Long they get to nap, not being cranky n fussy for whole day. My lo ever nap for 30-45 mins at 10am , by 3pm nap again for est 1.5 hour or ish . By 8-9pm for bed time 😊