My daughter is 21mo and I have been trying for the past 1 year to conceive naturally again but no luck. Any mummies also facing secondary infertility issues and how do you overcome it? Any mummies currently undergoing subsidized fertility treatments in govt hospital (KKH/NUH or any others)?

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Hi, sharing with u on my friend's successful case. She has a 19 mths boy and had been trying to conceive for the past 6 months. Eventually she went to polyclinic to get a referral for a check at NUH. Hub was found to have 'broken' sperms. Unhealthy sperms and couldn't fertilize her eggs. The doctor gave him some vitamins and encouraged them to try the next month. Still no news until they decided to try iui, the less intrusive way before ivf. It works and they have a lovely gal. So go for a check thru poly as it is heavily subsidized and eat healthily.

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We have been trying for no. 3 for almost a year but no news. I consulted a doctor and he advised me to have sex at least 3 times a week but both of us are busy with work so we are not able to meet that requirement. Intend to consult a tcm which can helps to 调理our body system.I would reckon u to try to have sex more frequent first, if still does not helps, try tcm. Last resort then go for Ivf.

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It's really depend. My friend have no news for 3 years after no1, and once news came is ectopic pregnancy. But after that, is very fertile i guess, a year Later, she have good news already. If really so urgent to have no2, try nourish you and your hub body with tonics 1st. And try again before you all seek help again.

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