Braxton Hicks or Labor?

Currently into my 38 weeks. I've experienced lower back pain last night and menstrual like cramps for the whole night. It was painful but bearable. This afternoon, I have a few blood spotting but it is gone by night time. I'm still experiencing menstrual like pain, but the pain is gone when I'm sitting down. It only occurs when I'm standing or lying down. Is that normal? PS. seems like my baby has not dropped yet. My tummy still looks round

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congrats Ur in labour .. most prolly about 2-3 cm dilation hence the pain bearable . ..go ahead to delivery triage and get check see what doc say ... my 6th birth similar to Ur situation like this .. having bearable cramps for 2 days .. went to check in to triage n doc say irregular contraction ., he help me to swipe n stretch more . gave me 2 option either to be warded, or go home . I opted to go home 11 pm start intense n regular contraction . gave myself up at 7am to delivery suite 10am gave birth

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