Preparing for baby arrival

Currently 37 weeks going 38. Have prepared most of baby's thing. Was wondering when should I start to wash and sterelize my pump parts and baby bottles ?

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Same situation here! its always on my mind to do the washing and sterilising but I just didnt do it yet. I guess its ok do what you feel like doing even after bb is born, while bb sleeps we can still calmly wash and sterilise stuff, go with the flow!

wash straight after I bring my bb home and continue to latch so didn't even get my pump ready. advise for mummy is when baby sleep n you sleep too or else newborn wakes every 2 hrs for milk..can't even rest

I only washed n sterilize the bottles n parts after i delivered.. initial was latching..

now wash n keep in a closed container, baby can pop out anytime.