is this oversupply or good supply?

currently 2 weeks pp, fully pumping milk for baby to drink without latching. whole day supply will be around 1500ml. Should I maintain this supply or reduce as it is considered as over supply? LO drinks about 90ml every feed for now.

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90ml 2 hourly? If yes it's just slightly over supply not super. Honestly over supply is better than not enough. Now your milk haven established will suggest not to reduce. In times to come it will reduce by itself. My baby takes about 48 oz during nb i can pump about up to 70oz a day double of what my baby takes. I'm over supply.

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oversupply is when u make alot more than what baby eats in a day, for example, baby eats 25oz n u make 32-37oz. if baby eats 25oz n u make 25-30oz u would be considered a “just enougher”

I think it is over supply.. should maintain it.. 😊 u r so bless that u have a good supply at 2wks pp!!