Confinement Shower

For confinement shower herbs, do yall just put the herbs sachet into kettle and boil together? Add heater water when you need more water for shower? May I know what are your methods?

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My grandma did confinement for me. The sachet has to be boil in one big pot of water that's enough for you to shower. After boiling let it cool down itself before pouring into a pail. Alot of work to be done. But that's the right way.

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I just boil the sachet into a big pot and boil together and use it for shower. It's usually just nice so I don't have to add heater water.

Boil one kettle, pour into pail, throw in the herbal sachet. Added some hot shower water and quickly rinse myself

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My confinement nanny boiled the herbs in a pot and added into a pail. I added hot water from the heater myself.

My mom boil the sachet together with ginger and lemongrass. Then I add warm water from the heater for shower.

Put the herbs sachets into kettle and boil together. Pour into pail and add some more hot water if require.

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Boil in a pot and mix w cool tap water to suitable temperature

boil in a big pot and pour into pail