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Is it common for doctor not to let you hear baby’s heartbeat or measure the heartrate? I am at wk 10plus and so far each gynae appt, he only show me that there is flickering image on scan means the baby’s heartbeat is there.

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My experience is usually private gynae will let you hear heartbeat. I went to both kkh subsidized and private gynae. Usually scan at kkh they just see heartbeat won’t let you hear. They say 1st trimester they want to focus on fetus development so hearing heartbeat not so important at this stage. :/ but I got to hear my bb’s heartbeat once when I went private gynae around week 7. 😊

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Hello! I go to KKH subsidised route and they usually don’t let you hear the heartbeat until after week 20 if I’m not wrong. The nurse told me that it is not good for the baby so they measure the heart rate using waves. But don’t worry you will eventually get to hear the heartbeat! 😊


My gynae is from Astra Women's Specialty and from the very first ultrasound scan she did to confirm my pregnancy she would check the heart beat rate and also make us hear it. I was thinking that's what all gynae do didn't know there are differences from doctor to doctor

Mine is private hospital and my gynae let me hear the heartbeat for the first time during week 6. And when 1 week later I felt unwell and decided to visit him, he did a scan and let me hear the heartbeat to assure me everything is ok.

I only got to hear baby's heartbeat at my 20th week scan. That's also only cause I request for it if not I won't be able to hear too. I was under KKH subsidised. Only change to private towards end of pregnancy.

I went to NUH subsidised. I heard the heartbeat during my W7 check up. But for the detailed scan, the sono tech focused more on baby development and did not let me hear the heartbeat

My experience is that private Gynae let you hear the heart beat though. For my Gynae he always checks for the heartbeat and tell us the rate too

Why not let your gynae know you would like to hear your bb heartbeat? Mine was every visit from week 7 onwards at kkh..

I'm at private too. My doc let me hear heartbreak and check the rate since the first time can hear..

For all my gynae visits, there is flickering image + I can hear the heartbeat too. I go Gleneagles