What is your child's favourite food?

Comment below with any food emoji ?

What is your child's favourite food?
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🍓🥦🍎🍇🍌🍄🍗🍟🥓🍕🌭🍦🥭🍩 Hehe..my lil son basically eats everything. 😂

for the elder one anything that is not home cooked and for the younger one everything that is home cooked 😋

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soba, udon, Japanese curry rice, puffs & milk, salmon fried rice... soup.... corn & fishballs!!! hahaha


Eldest like everything the mummy eats.. 🍣 🥩 second loves jap 🍛 third child loves 🍜

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My boy loves chicken nuggets and fries ofcource junky but I approve once in awhile

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Wa….quite a wide variety of food… cos I dun allow them to be fussy. 🤪😊

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Potato chips, baguette🥖, fishball noodles🍜,fries🍟,chicken rice.

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Peporoni Pizza, homemade pasta and sausage, bihun soup, chicken rice.

Bread and nuttella for breakfast lunch dinner and for snacking.🤨

Salmon rice, chicken rice, pork chop, fish and chips, pizza