Care to share where and at what price do you purchase your Mamy Poko / Merries / Moony diapers? Any sale to look out for recently? And is it cheaper to purchase during baby fairs? Also wondering, for how long did your babies wear size S for? Wondering how many packets to stock up for. Thanks in advance!

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I bought MP from qoo10 when they had carton sales (M sized, 72pcs x 3packs for $36.50). For size, I think it's dependent on how chubby the thighs are. We had to up to an M from an S when the bub was abt 5kg coz her thighs were chubby. if the baby is still at the lower range of the weight limit for the size, you can get a carton but once they hit mid to higher range of the weight limit for the diaper size, better prepare a larger size just in case. You can also check out CK stores as the prices are competitive when compared to Giant or NTUC. You can also check out too

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My boy is using mamy poko and I always get it from Jin tai tong. Price : $36.80 for three Able to mix and match! Do lookout for sale at giant! They have lots of such sales and of course, baby fair seems to be cheaper than outside but I don't wanna queue... My boy wore size s for about one and a half month :-) Usually I'd have three packets at home.

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Purchased diapers from Redmart or FairPrice online together with other groceries. My LO was wearing size S till about 4 months+. If u do not wish to get a carton or a full pack, u can find some gd deals for loose pieces of diapers or single pack here to try out 1st: *NEW* Huggies diapers (size S 22pcs)

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I got my moony diapers on qoo at about 23/pack, if you have those cart coupons, it will be cheaper too. I know Tinytree has a promotion currently at 19.90/pack but needs to do self collection at their place. The S size for moony stated on their packaging is from 4-8kg.

Mamy poko Ntuc (promotion time) lowest is 2 pack $34.90 Baby fair mostly be $17.95 or $18.60 each buy 2 get a pack of baby wipes For q10 using coupon using coupon can get each piece abt $0.30 Wouldn't stock too much S size as baby grow quite fast..

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I just got Moony ytd from Tinytree! At $19.90 per pack. If Merries, I'll get then from the baby fair sale. Usually about $21+/pack. If no promotions anywhere, I'll have a quick drive up into JB to get Moony at $20/pack.

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brought Merries Pants from Jin Tai Tang at $14.50.. if you return them the diaper plastic bag which you brought from them, they will rebate $0.50 on next purchase.

I got moony from qoo10 at about $20 each after using the cart discount coupon of $10. there's also free delivery for purchases above $80. the shop name is Products I Need.

I bought mine at JB for RM$35.90 huggies or $31.50 for mamy poko @ 46 pieces. Changed to M about 1.5-2mths.

sometimes carousel price is cheaper when they sell in carton... u might wanna check them out..