Can I still breastfeed if I have cough and flu?

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Yes you still can breastfeed when you are having cough and flu. Wear a mask just in case you pass it to baby. Practice good hygiene is important when we are sick. When we are sick, our body will create antibodies and these will be pass through breastmilk to babies to build up their immune system.

Yes you can breastfeed and try natural remedies at the same time to build up your immunity. Also when you get sick, your body will produce immunity which some is transferred to your baby via breastmilk, so indirectly your baby also is protected from your cough and flu.

Okay to breastfeed but do ensure the medicine if breastfeeding friendly if take any medications

Absolutely. To be sure please check with your GP.

Agree with Reine :)

yes you can.