Can anyone please suggest schools in Singapore with good bilingual programmes in english & mandarin?

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I think ur consideration is valid for preschools but invalid for primary school. Maybe it's fair to judge preschools and the number of years spent there is shorter as compared to primary school and it is easier to change preschools - teachers come and go and in preschools is actually v flexible. For primary school - every school is a good school - especially language which is extremely fundamental. There is no use recommending because teachers get transferred every now and then

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If you are talking about primary school I second st Nicholas Girls. Many people think they are an IJ school so it should be an English school. What many people don't know is that St Nicholas is a Chinese school with Chinese school anthem. Even the badge on their uniform has the motto in Chinese not English. They place strong emphasis on both languages.

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If ur talking about enrichment courses I will recommend Tien Hsia Language sch which is specialising in mandarin courses. They have another subsidiary, Morris Allen which is specialising in English courses for kids. We are satisfied & impressive with their way of teaching. My Gal's phonics skills & pronunciation improved a lot.

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Not sure if you are referring to preschools but Pat's schoolhouse prides itself on their bilingual curriculum. There is an English and Chinese teacher in the class at all times. My son attends one of their branches and he really blossomed in terms of language acquisition.

If you're referring to primary schools, these are the top few schools in Singapore which have excellent English and Chinese teachers. Henry Park Primary Raffles Girls Primary Nanyang Primary Methodist Girls Primary CHIJ St Nicholas Girls School

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If you are referring to preschool, all preschools have incorporated bilingual languages (English and Chinese) using immersion methods. offers fantastic programming courses in both languages