By when can i start normal tetra packed milk for my baby?

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I'd say it's better to wait till after baby turns 1 (one). Before that, all the nutrients baby need is available in breast milk and formula (which is produced to resemble breast milk). Some of the reasons to wait in terms of feeding baby tetra packed milk include: - Baby will be deprived of important nutrients, including iron, that breast milk and formula contains -- tetra packed milk might not contain as much - Your baby’s digestive system will not be able to handle all the proteins and sodium present in tetra packed milk

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After your baby turns one, you can start with packaged milk. Packaged or tetra-packed milk is considered safer as it is pasteurised and this ensures the milk is free from harmful bacteria. ... However, some tetra-packed milk varieties are heavier than other brands so check with your doctor which one is best for your baby.

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Till your baby turns one, you need to stick to breast milk and/or formula milk as the options for a main drink.

I gave fresh milk to my kids after they turn 1.5 years old, on occasionally basic during their snack time.