Any brand to recommend for diaper rash? Tried so many products. Or is it the pampers? Using normal drypers btw.

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After you wipe the baby's bottom, use a soft tissue to dab it dry. After that, use petroleum jelly. Make sure that the skin is dry before you do so. Otherwise, the moisture would be trapped inside. The jelly acts as a barrier and would help you get rid of that rash. Also, air the bottom if you can by having a diaper-free interval a few times a day. Hope this helps

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My confinement lady did not allow me to use creams. She used young bittergourd tea bags, make into tea (like we drink tea), pour out small portion into another container, dilute it n use it to clean the buttock. Just refill the cup of tea. 1 bag per day. Totally no nappy rash for my baby. Used that to bathe baby when baby got prickly heat on body. Use without soap

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I use the pink cream..Drapolene and Pureen brand..i works on my daughter. And try changing your kids diapers more frequent. Sometimes too much moist can cause nappy rash too..and I also change the diapers brand..PetPet and Huggies is the best so far..🤗 other brand sometimes is too harsh for my daughter.

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We had the same issue with our little girl until we asked our pediatrician and our pharmacist they recommended Johnson and Johnson three and one which means has three medications in one for the rash and it works fast and great you will see a big difference with in second changing

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Depend on ur baby, different baby react to different brand of diapers and cream. U may to get sample to try. If rash is worst, u Might want see doc to cure it 1st. My son rash is super worst, after cure it, and let him change diaper frequent, no longer have this issue

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My family has sensitive skin and our babies always end up with rashes whenever we use drypers. Try changing your diaper brand like mamypoko, japanese brands are reliable. And make sure the baby is properly towel dried before putting on the diaper cream and diaper

Hi~u can try desitin from Johnson and Johnson. They have the blue and purple label. Purple label is very strong its zinc oxide is 40% for serious diaper rashes. Both my kids using desitin so far works for them. Hope it helps.

It's not pampers. I use pampers. Diaper rash go for destin. Just keep changing the diaper and always wash/wipe cleanly and put the cream for every single diaper change


mom có rảnh vào link thả ❤ dùm bé nhà mình với nha! cảm ơn mom ạ!

Try lucas papaw! It is a miracle gel for us. We tried everything including pd's prescribed cream but no use. A few times of lucas papaw and the rash disappeared.

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i bought from Tinytree. Recently I asked my friend to buy a tub from Australia. Can use it for anything including burns. I scalded my hand and I quickly applied on the burn. There is no sign of redness within a few minutes.