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My boy is 3 weeks old. When should I start to let him have tummy time? And each tummy time how long should it last? Can he do tummy time at our adult bed with adult supervision?

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You can start doing it already. I began with 2 to 3 minutes each time on our bed to see if baby is ok with tummy time. Can lightly massage their back while they’re at it too. You can also try putting him on your chest while you lay back on your bed :)

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Tummy time can start from day one. Even if LO don't lift his head up, it is okay. The idea is to let them get used to being on their tummy.


I did after 1 month old each time is after bathing or wipes. it depend on your baby how long can be or she take but max 5 min

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Yes please. Can start doing it now, with adult supervision at all times. Each session around 5 min.

have you started tummy time yet?

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Good time to start :)