Is bloated normal at week 7 ? My wife feeling bloated n no appetite on eating , the most she will doing was drinking lots of water . What should I do or anything that can ease her pain ? Please help

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For me having antacid prescribed by my gynae helped relieve the discomfort of bloating. I was given Aromag/ Magnesium carbonate. It tastes awful tbh but it helped. I usually take some gummy sweets or something to wash down the taste. Perhaps can check if your GP(if haven't gotten to gynae yet)/ gynae if she could get some antacid? It's okay if she's not able to eat much in first tri, go with what she feels like eating or drinking even if it's small quantities :) The symptoms may improve in second tri but sometimes they linger a tad longer so hang in there!

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Very normal to feel bloated at this stage. Water is better than nothing:) she doesn’t have to eat full meals. She can have many tiny snacks.. at this stage, she doesn’t have to eat more than usual either, so just let her eat whatever she can (fully cooked food).

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Normal. Eat smaller meals.. i had plain biscuits if i got nauseous, or some 100+ (i would just drink a bit each time)

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Noted . Thanks

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Yes it's normal but your wife has to try and eat something . Best to consult the gynae ...Take care y'all!

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normal. let her have a smaller meals but frequently... this will help.


It's normal!