List of Newborn things I need to buy

Hi. Been searching COMPLETE list of things to buy for my LO but can't find one. Can you help me please in listing everything para wala lang po makalimutan? - what kind of clothes? How many? - what kind of bottles? How many? Any brand recommended? - any recommended brand of crib, stroller etc? - what are the most important things to buy first? #firstbaby #1stimemom #advicepls #sharingiscaring #firstimemom

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hope these articles help kind of clothes: usually tie sides or snaps, number depends on your laundry schedule. a dozen or 2 is good enough with laundry every other day. bottles-if you plan to breastfeed no need to buy agad. most recommended brands are Avent, pigeon, tommee Tippee, nuk, for baby gear depends on your lifestyle, parenting principles and budget the most important ones are the ones you'll need once the baby arrives ( see hospital bag checklist here:

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Thank you so much po. This is very helpful. God bless po. 🙏