Uncomfortable pain at left leg

Been feeling uncomfortable pain and cramps but only on the left side of the leg/thigh... and also pain at my upper thigh which is at my private part area . Is it normal? ? feeling the pain now

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I had it too, throughout my pregnancy journey. It's called Sciatica. It was so bad that I can hardly walk. I can stand or walk no longer than 15mins. I couldn't do any marketing nor baby shopping. All I could do was to sit & rest.

Me too. Feel pain only at left thigh, i told my gynae, she said its normal. Probably because weight gain at our belly give pressure to the thigh muscles.

4y ago

Most probably thats why!! 😫 feel better soon too mummy ! ❤️❤️

Super Mum

My wife was using TENs machine safe for pregancy for her pains etc. It helps her . Do consider getting one

Super Mum

My wife didn't buy the TENs machine, she actually loan it from one of the mother and child shops