Baby turns 3 months. How do you sleep training? She still wakes up every 2 hrs at night.

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I'd say that 3 months is too young for sleep training (if you want to in the first place), their stomachs are still very small so they need their frequent milk feeds - they usually adjust their own schedules and will sleep better in the later months around 8-10 months old! In the meantime, please continue to feed your daughter on demand - it'll be over soon :)

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3 months is still too young for any sleep training. their night feed will usually tone down at arnd 7-8 months. Hang in there mummy

Baby needs to be fed that's why baby wakes up. Their tummies are way too small and delicate. Give yourself and baby the time to grow.

3 months still young. Wait for baby to be older. Its normal for baby to be awake every 2 hours.