Is my baby teething?

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Yes. It's amazing. But need to take care of BB if have others conditions. Eg. Some of the BB had the fever during this period.

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Yes .. better to give teething soothers for their jaw relaxation or else they bite everything n may get cranky because of pain

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Yup how many MTHS is ur cutie mummy? & be prepared as now baby might get a bit cranky

Yes, s akin sabay p tumubo ung 2 front lower teeth kya nilagnat at nglambing c baby

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Yeses yeses!! Enjoy the journey!! Get banana teether next Time to sooth ur baby

yes Mummy, give gripe water. it Will ease baby of the teething process

Congrats mom! So adorable two little teeth coming out 😘

Yes he/she is. Congrats :) Time to use a teething toy

Yes yes... Can see the whitish teeth coming out.

yes po aborido at naglalaway nga po c baby ee