Heat rash or allergy ?

my baby is only 2 months he been having this skin rash for quite some time went to hospital and they gave QV cream but somehow it didnt work on my baby. can suggest what cream help to reduce it ?

Heat rash or allergy ?
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You may change baby soap to a gentle ones like baby gaia or seba med. You can try kodomo baby lotion or seba med lotion. QV cream is like moisturiser which I am also using due to dry skin and rashes. I was also given steroid cream but I didnt use it to avoid my skin dependent on it.

My baby had something similar and pd prescribed steroid cream. It’s quite strong so only can put a bit and only for one week max.

if it is heat rash can put some bb powder at all his join area too

I used tapioca flour as powder and these rashes disappeared


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2y ago

i also use on my daugther she had excema on her both cheeks till blood.. after using this lotion its really works..

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