Diaper cream only when redness & rashes?

Do any mummies only use diaper cream when baby has diaper rash or redness, else they dont use it ? My baby’s teacher told me they only use when baby has redness or rash. If not, they wont use as they dont want to use too much things on baby’s delicate skin.

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I consistently use diaper cream as zinc oxide e.g. desitin(brand) is a protective layer. So by logic i choose prevention rather than cure (when red and sore then apply)?? It doesnt cure sores oh dear teacher. Its just a barrier as baby skin is delicate duuh but not because u put things on. Can try telling this teacher u would prefer application consistently and u double check with baby doctor maybe to strengthen ur case? sorry im getting angsty reading things these 'clever' teachers are advising moms out there😠 I am a preschool teacher AND a pharmacy technician by training and experience🙊 i may not be perfect professional but i do keep my research and practices up to date with a pinch of common sense. Hais

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Eh, what? Put whenever. Diaper cream is not a cure mummy, maybe those medical kind, but not the usual kinds. You don't put moisturizer only when you got acne on your face right? But of course got no redness you don't have to religiously apply too much lah, but doesn't mean don't apply. like the above, I also use desitin - the blue one. I apply after every diaper change.

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when baby was still waking often at night, I only put the desitin purple when baby bum started to be redder. rarely needed to because we were changing diapers very often, depleted the pack quickly! now her routine is more established and also going to infant care, using the pigeon head to toe regularly and the purple desitin only when rashes start developing.

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yes me! my baby only has diaper rash when she consumes eggs or food consisting eggs. she never had that issue since newborn so i don't use them often. i only use them aft every bath & diaper change and until it healed completely and stopped the routine.

I use to put for each diaper change. But around 9 months onwards I only use after she pooped or if bum looks irritated...

I put every diaper change, it’s more for prevention.

I put the diaper cream every diaper change