My baby likes to play with hair. Both mine and hers. She pulls it, twirls it and enjoys running her fingers thru hair. Is this normal?

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I have read that for some children, hair twirling is one of the self soothing behaviours. My nephew was the same and would tug at my hair (I have long hair) whenever I carry him. We taught him not to pull at our hair (his mummy, and basically any lady with long hair) as he doesn't seemed to know that it is hurting us. He soon learn that we are fine with him playing, but not tugging. He also likes playing with his hair and always seemed to be puzzled why his is so short as compared to ours.

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I think they feel it's fun, so must stop them!! Their pulling is very pain, if don't stop they will keep pulling and bcum a bad habit instead. As they are exploring their sensory. Now my boy seldom pull my hair, i have to tie it up to stop his bad habit and let him explore his sensory elsewhere instead.

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Lots of babies like to soothe and entertain themselves by pulling, twisting, and patting mom's hair. It usually starts around 6 months, when they're mastering hand control -- and often while they're eating, since that's when they're close enough to really take hold. 

Sure! My boy loves to explore my hair and arm when hes younger. However he now develops an annoying habit that he MUST touch my bcg mark when hes drinking milk or going to slp... Always wake up in middle of night to find it too and cry if cannot find

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That's actually quite adorable. Searching for your BCG mark. Hahah

I think that's normal. My boy loves to play with my Wife hair too. And he e joys messing up my also. I guess he's just curious about it and anyway it's a great bonding session while we have fun messing up each other hair!

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Yes. They are exploring . My boy 1 YO is doing it too. Pull it really hard. If I tell him NO, he will do it even more. Let them explore. Usually I will play with him doing the same to him too

Absolutely normal. Ur baby seems like playing & exploring hair. To avoid the pain due to pulling hair, just try to deviate her with other toys and other things that she likes.

yes tis is normal.. their pull can be really pain.. I will bun up my hair give them other thing to distract them.. after sometime they will get over it..

Yes.. Think is normal coz mine also did the same.. Maybe is a sense of touch? But I think is ok just tell baby don't pull very pain.. They will know..

Yes.. I guess baby is trying to grab things.. My son pulls his hair and mine when he wants to sleep .. Just gently tell him not to. He will understand