what to use for baby with scratches

Hi My baby has some scratches due to sharp nails on his face and body. What can i apply ? Baby is about 5months old.

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Baby with scratches? Send back to factory and ask for refund or replacement. Just kidding. Baby skin, other than skin issues, is fast healing. For minor scratches I would just dab aloe gel lightly. And for sharp nails, I use this when LO is sleepy/asleep https://qoo.tn/BnemwW/Q118547437

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I usually leave the scratches alone and keep the areas clean and dry. I also use rounded nail clippers to trim my baby’s nails. Their claws are really quite something!

You should consider getting the nail grinder.. very easy to use and safer than nail clipper.. the scratches will heal on its own, just apply usual moisturizer.

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I leave it to heal on its own as baby skin is very thin and sensitive. Best not to apply anything if possible

my girl scratched her face and it recover in 3 day, i let it heal

If u r breast feeding dab some breastmilk on it.


I just use the moisturiser i use normally

Aloe vera gel or Lucas papaw ointment!

Lucas Pawpaw Cream👍🏼

i just leave it to heal