how do i get rid of dry skin?

My baby has dry skin on her eyebrows n in between! How do i get rid of them? She is 7weeks old

how do i get rid of dry skin?
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My third daughter experience this so called like a cradle cap on her eyebrows too but dont worry it will goes off by itself. I realised if u were to remove it on ur own, eventually it will reappear again so best is to let it remove on its own, just apply so moisturiser will do

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This is cradle cap on eyebrows. My baby has that too last time. I never do anything and it just drop off on its own. You can try applying olive oil/coconut oil if you want to remove them yourself.

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It goes worst n is crumbly now . Is this normal? I didnt do anytging to it

Is that a little bit of cradle cap? Does your baby have dry skin on her head as well? A dab of baby oil will help too.


Try an organic baby lotion to moisturise your baby’s skin. If still not helping, best to consult your pediatrician

It’ll be alright soon. No worries. If you are worried, you can ask the doctor when she go for her monthly check.

My daughter had this too but now she is 10wks old n its gone. Im using cetaphil baby shower gel

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Hi... you can put coconut oil or light moisturizer on her skin

This is very normal. You can try applying abit of coconut oil

You can try applying moisturising lotion.

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It's normal. I used Aveeno baby lotion.