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Hello, my baby girl is 6mths 25 days now and has been refusing milk since we changed to formula 2 (for 6 months baby onwards). We had to force feed her everytime and she will cry like crazy. Even so, she still did not finish. We always prepare 150ml and feed every 4 hours as recommended by doctor. Anyone can advice if this is normal and how to make her finish her milk?

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Hi mummy, you don't need to straight away give your girl stage 2 formula milk 🧐. Start by mixing the milk with stage 1 and 2 (e.g 2 scoops of stage 1 combine with 1 scoop of stage 2, when she is comfortable with this, you can slowly follow by 1 scoop of stage 1 combine with 2 scoops of stage 2 etc.) That is how I transit with my lo's formula milk stages.

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1y ago

Thank you mummy Ling for sharing! She's drinking better now. Phew!