My baby boy is 6 months old. I want to start feeding him with a bottle,but he is completely denying d bottle what should I do? :(

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Wow! you are one lucky mom! If you mean your baby is refusing the bottle and only wants the breast, you can very slowly and gradually introduce other means of drinking milk. Make sure you try to wean your baby when he is not already hungry, tired or in a new environment. Try it when your baby is in a happy mood, so that the transition is easier. Instead of a bottle, try helping your baby drink milk from a cute sippy cup.

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at 6 months, your baby will find it difficult to drink in a cup. i suggest you pump out the milk and store it in the bottle. when your baby tries to latch on, there won't be any milk left. tell your baby that milk is finished and then give the bottle. you can also try some starter sippy cups now.

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i know exactly how u feel. Other then milk bottle, try introducing a straw cup. i only manage to intro my boy the straw at 1yo

you be returning to work soon?