suggest fm for baby gain weight baby born vry small size 2.5 kg,have suggestion fomula milk which can gain my baby weight?? far i feed mix bf n formula still hes weight not gain...plzz help me

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Tulis jawapan
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my son when he just 2m old weight 7.1kg,he was full bf.his sister when 2m old just 4kg mix bf & formula.dont worry about baby weight as long the BMI is between normal reading.BMI for infant not same with adult ya.

My baby born 2.64kg after a month weight 3.64. Had diffult to latch because of tongue tie type 1. Every month gain 1 kg. Only give breastmilk. Check your baby tongue, if also have problem latch

I only support my baby with my milk, no formula milk even tho my son was a premature baby. The doc gave me appeton infant drop to increase my baby weight.

my baby born also small size..only 2.09kg..just 3m only 4.5kg..huhu..but its okay..just keep bf..keep positive..

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u can ask for sample from hospital/clinic to try n error..

try anmum ... my first baby also same 2.5kg after 1m become 4.1kg

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Baby boy

may i know your baby latest weight?