Breast milk or formula

My baby is almost 2 weeks old. I've given breast milk to him throughout this period. However, I find it quite challenging as its only my husb and I in this house to manage him. Once my husb goes to work, it's just me. I'm thinking of just giving my baby formula milk hence stop breast milk. Is this okay? I feel very guilty but even with BM, baby is not full. So we still need to give Formula milk. Anybody just give formula milk?

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From the initial i had to supply with FM and BM (which wasnt what i had wanted) coz i wanted to fully bf. Fed is best and every one told me no nd stress.. now im dragging my pumps n reducing the number of times since my gal is coming 1yo soon (in 2 mths time). I felt guilty to stop now too 😅 i guess its just mom’s guilt… but its really ok. We have to tink or our mental wellness. Along the way my hb had really wanted me to stop coz mentally i couldnt tahan already

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