baby is 3 months old now. how much eye contatct should he be doing. also what sort of things should he be doing by now? Ebm intake and how much should he sleep. my baby often is awake.

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By 3 months, baby would have started to figure out who is who in her life and who is "special" to her i.e. her parents. If you look at her in the eyes, she will react, for example, she might smile. The part of the brain that governs hand-eye coordination and allows your baby to recognise objects is developing rapidly at 3 months and the part of the brain that assists with the senses has also become more active. So when your baby hears your voice, she may look directly at you and start gurgling, or trying to talk back. Sleep wise, her sleeping patterns would hopefully settle down by now. But this differs for different babies. Some can sleep through the night while some might still wake up looking for food every now and then. But as the months progress, rest assured that sleep will get more regular. As for ebm, generally, baby will drink about 4-6 ounces of milk per feeding.

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6y ago

thank you so much Yuna. tou seem to have sound knowledge. Could you please help me further. I have been suspecting smt is off but my hubby shurgged it off saying i was being paranoid. BUt at the dr. this week even he stated. My baby isnt making much eye c

In general, 3 months old may 1, smile at u 2, move both eyes together most of the time 3, lift their head when lying on their tummy 4, kick both legs strongly 5, seem to listen to u & watch ur face 6, make sounds other than crying My son did all these things when he is 3+ At least feed 6-9 times in 24hours. At 3months, your baby past the newborn stage, baby will start to sleep longer stretches at night. Day time 2-4 naps, each 30mins to 2hours. Total sleep is about 15hours. My son also had less sleep about 11-13hours. It's normal. No worries.

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