Hi all, my baby is 2 months old now and I'm breastfeeding her by direct latch. Now I am trying to feed her with bottle before I go back to work. But she rejects the bottle feed. Anyone has the same experience as me and please advise your solution with this?

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Hi Serene, you have to be persistent in giving the bottle and not give in when lo cries. I went thru this nightmare slightly later than your scenario at abt 3mths. We went cold turkey - didn't let her DL at all and only offered bottle ebm. if she refuses the bottle... she goes hungry... until she was finally toooo hungry to resist, then she drank fr the bottle. but it doesn't stop there, you have to continue w bottlefeeding daily (at least once or twice a day at the beginning for consistency) or else she may revert to rejecting the bottle. Try a routine. Next, abt the advice of getting someone else to bottlefeed baby. To me, this may or may not work. in the end, i was the one (amongst all my family members) who succeeded in bottlefeeding my girl. Yes, naturally she associates me with milk/nursing/comfort... so I reckon bottlefeeding must be done by me too. i did this - on top of my usual clothes, i draped on an additional piece of thick towel to "mask" my scent or whatever smell tt my girl associates bf with. So i could cradle her n offer the bottle without her turning toward my breast. Next up, bottle teats could make the diff. Make sure it is not too fast flow or else baby cannot handle. Brands are purely hits and misses... we started w Avent but she did not accept it at all. By stroke of luck I had a free voucher for MAM products and just bought a bottle to utilise the free voucher. Who knows she would love the teat (it is flat and silky) at first try and drank furiously fast from it! Anyway, at the start of offering the bottle, it will not be easy. But do not despair ok? Surely but slowly... All the best!

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V common issue. Sometimes they are confused why u are feeding them the bottle and not giving them ur boob instead. Sometimes they also know that if they persist long enough, they will get what they want - which is the boob. So the idea is to just do 1 same feed a day that is bottle fed, if possible have someone else to do that feed and u hide away. Have to coax and try continuously - otherwise will be a hard transition when someone else have to look after baby for u. Baby might play stubborn and don't drink or drink after much resistance and struggle(for days). But sometimes a change of person will work :)

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ME! However i noticed that babies are really smarter then we think. You have to be firm, they know they can get away with it. A baby will not starve themselves, as we all know they will voice out if they are in need. So dont give up! Keep trying and stick to it. When my boy was admitted i had the same concern however i was so taken aback. The nurses gave bottle with no issues. The same afternoon he came out after a couple of days he refused the bottle again. Babies know it all. lol

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