Need help to wean off the breast

My baby is 18mths, has been fully breastfed (no mixed feed) since birth. She does drink some fresh milk during the day but as a drink not to replace breastfeeding. Doesn’t sttn yet, so she wants to be breastfed through the night several times (mostly comfort latch). Want to gradually wean her off due to my pregnancy (very tiring as I have to keep waking up, and also get cramps at times when she suckle). Things I’ve tried: 1) ignoring when she asks for milk, but she will keep waking me up and chant milk non stop (we co sleep) 2) giving uht/fm in milk bottle (rejects and points to my breast and says milk) 3) pacifier as mostly want to comfort latch (either sucks for a few times then reject, or totally tell me no and throws it away, then asking for milk again) 4) giving water (sometimes rejects and says milk, otherwise drinks quite a bit of water and then ask for milk right after) Have been suggested to put bitter gourd etc on the boob, but feel it’s quite cruel to do this to my baby. Any other advices please?

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My baby was also same. I couldn't stop breastfeeding during 2 years. After that i applied bitter gourd on my breast . Because i didn't have any other option. he tried twice and stopped it. I have seen some mothers put plasters on nipples.