LO rejecting milk/ water after vomitting

8 mths old LO choke on saliva during her sleep at about 9pm. Woke up and vomitted. Try to give milk about 30mins later, doesnt want to drink at all. Offer water, suck a few times and push the bottle away. After Pat her to sleep, woke up few times irritably. I thought she wanted milk but push the bottle away. I will tried spoon feed water, but she took 3 mouth and push away again. Why like that? She has never been like that before. Now 3am, this is her usual milk time she will cry for milk, but woke and wanting me to Sayang her to sleep. No ques of hunger at all. She already got her 7th tooth popped out and 8th tooth cutting through her gums. Got related? #soworried #helpess

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Super Mum

Oh dear. Have you visited pd?

5mo ago

I see. Maybe she is teething more and feel unwell. Try giving her breastmilk popsicle or formula milk popsicle.