No naps!

Any babies here fighting naps recently? They rather talk to themselves in bed during nap times?

No naps!
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Hi dear how old is your baby? Mine is 9mo and also fighting nap time recently especially the afternoon one. I think this is a normal phase because with all their development and growth spurt, they are so busy coping with their new skills acquired that they rather not nap. Did your baby recently learn to talk? My gal learnt to crawl two weeks back and for the past 4-6 weeks she will be moving around bed before nap time trying to practise her crawling. I have to pin her down to sleep because she will get so tired but still continue to crawl and flip in a half sleepy state lol I think talking to themselves sound so cute! At least you don't have to worry about your baby falling off the bed just listen to his rambles hahah.

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5y ago

Heheh Darius, Coz mommy wanna nap too. And she will be very cranky if she misses her nap. Mommy is a very schedule schedule type hahah. But ya I learn to let go a bit these days. Let her crawl for 45mins before I try to pin her down Coz by then she is tired but just won't stop

7MO, fighting naps since 3 weeks back and has been having very early bedtime since due to insufficient nap hours! talking to himself or crawling around the cot.