At my 32 weeks gynae appointment, gynae said that my water bag level is low. There is risk of preterm labour. Will my baby have a high chance of survival rate if he is born before 37 weeks?

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Once pregnancy reaches 37 weeks, your baby is what is referred to as “term”. Your baby will be premature if he arrives before "term". Most premature babies arrive after 32 weeks and have a good chance of surviving and growing up to be healthy. My best friend's baby was born before 37 weeks (think it was 32 or 33 weeks) last November. He had to stay in NICU for a few days but has since grown stronger and bigger after. He is healthy, has a great appetite and always smiling these days. If you've had a pretty much healthy pregnancy throughout, don't worry if your baby arrives early. Moreover, with the progress made in medicine and infant care, intensive care for extremely early babies has improved dramatically, and survival rates are much better than they used to be.

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