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My baby's position is breech as of 36 weeks scan as of Monday, gynae said unlikely he will turn down and I need to csect at week 38. Is there still chance for baby to turn at week 37/38?

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Mine was breeched by week 35 and I tried all sorts of walking, exercise, praying, talking. But the baby did not turn so I tried ECV at NUH with mixed feelings at 37 weeks. Surprisingly it took only 4 minutes to turn and vola! Baby is head down and stable.

10mo ago

Update: Even after the ECV and getting baby down to be ready.. later at 40 weeks, water break, 2 rounds of induce, baby had not engaged to the pelvis. so I had to go with C section

Hi. My sil's baby was breeched till week 37. But somehow the baby managed to head down and was delivered normally. Try to walk alot as much as you can.

2mo ago

turns out my baby was breeched till week 36 plus.. hahaha. year 2020. i delivered at week 38 day 6, normal delivery.

Try those safe exercise on how to turn breech baby into head down position, I watch so.e in you tube which is I guess helpful for me and try to do more walking

2y ago


Hello dear, it's difficult to change the position in a week. But do not worry, your doc will do the best for you and your baby, do not worry about that.

look for a good makcik urut. experienced in pre and post natal. they are able to help baby get in correct position

Try a birthing ball. A lot of videos on YouTube on how to use to change baby’s position

you'll never know untill you try. so try walking and talking to baby