Are you thinking about enrolling your baby in swim lessons?
Are you thinking about enrolling your baby in swim lessons?
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Of course - it's a vital skill
No - I'll wait until baby's older

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Yes definitely enrolled baby in Swimming...and if ppl ever said anything abt infant or young toddler drowning because of learning Swimming when young.. its because parents themselves get engross in whatever they are doing and do not pay attention to the kids when they are playing in the pool .. Giving them a life skills doesn't mean they should give less parental supervision when they are in pool

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Yes, why not. I love swimming and I’d love for my baby to hone this skill as well. It’s also a live saving skill, so no harm in learning quickly.


when my elder kid was in p2 & younger in n2... elder attained swimsafer cert but no my younger so i believe start in pri sch would b better

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Yes! This is really vital and for safety na din dapat marunong din siya lumangoy.

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Yes i will enroll my kids to swim lessons as it's a life skills for them to learn

It will save my daughter's life when in need.

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Yes but i am still abit worried.. So young.

sana kaso walang sapat na pera eh! 😣

Yes.. Must be doit.. For baby safety