Are there good but affordable international schools in Manila?

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There are a good amount of international schools in the metro. I can't attest to the price of each and every one, and I can imagine they get rather expensive. In any case, I found the definitive list of all of the schools. Perhaps you can do research based on which area you prefer and go from there. Here's the link:

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There are the following alternatives that are significantly lesser expensive then ISM yet with great location in Metro Manila: Australian International School Beacon International School San Augustine School M. Gandhi International School Chinese International School Everest Academy Saint Pedro Poveda School European International School

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6y ago

Among all the schools that you mentioned, Poveda is the one I hate. It's a Catholic School technically but they're not pro-poor. Shame on them.

Technically, those schools are not cheap at all. It will cost you quarter of a million above. An ordinary or let's say a regular corporate manager can't even afford to enroll his kid in an international school. In fact, majority of those schools use a foreign currency for their tuition fees.