Anyone tried shopping fresh veggies from Baguio and take home to Manila? How did you handle the goodies and is it worth the hassle?

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This tip was given to my actually by a vendor in Tagaytay: if you want to keep your veggies fresh, especially the leafy ones, buy them in those tiny, disposable pots. During sto-overs, sprinkle a bit of water just to keep them still crunchy. For the crops and other produce, don't worry about them. They can survive the long drive :)

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Yes you can take home but depends on the veggies..usually "talbos" cannot..but carrots, potatoes, brocolli,cauli..still in good condition i've tried it (and veggies are still fresh when i arrived in laguna) Additional advise is buy the veggies when about to go home to can consider buying in kennon road area..

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To be honest, it's no longer worth it to bring veggies from Baguio. In Alabang, you can buy Baguio veggies for cheap prices. 1 head of normal size cabbage and 1 whole pechay baguio for only 10 pesos each. Broccoli is 15 - 20 pesos per head. There are plenty of "sampu-sampu" veggies in Alabang night market.

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Hi, Ruby! Once purchased veggies from Baguio before. What I did is I carefully covered each kind using newspapers before putting them to a ratan basket. It somehow kept the veggies fresh even after a long trip to Manila.