Red Itchy Bumps

Anyone suffer frm Red Itchy Bumps appearing on yr skin during preg? Is not mozzie bites just bumps n is reddish n itchy.

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Im experiencing this too! Only onto my 5th week and it has spread all over my body. 😩 It started on my upper left arm, and it spread. Then few days later my right arm, and then left thigh, right thigh, and belly, neck, wahh. Still havent gone to see doc yet.

2y ago

Do go see doc soon to get it cured or at least to relieve the itchiness.

Are you having really dry skin? It may be caused by stretched skin, try moisturize it using cream and oil for pregnancy right after showering (apply cream on damp skin). It works for me, hope it helps :)

Am suffering from this very bad rashes currently. In second trimester now..

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2y ago

I have similar red patch like yours. It's so itchy and it's spreading more to other parts of the body

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Is it ezcema? Try apply moisturiser, if not better check with gynae

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I told the Dr and was given some cream to control the itch..

Try to apply pickle heat powder

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Better to check with gynae