Recommend wipes, diaper cream, soap?

Anyone can recommend good and affordable 1. wet wipes 2. Diaper cream 3. baby soap Son is newborn Thanks

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bello wet wipes (local from shopee) previously using soonsu but too dry and thin. drapolene (recommended by the nurse) ceptaphil

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1. Jeju, Infanity, Cloversoft 2. Desitin Blue & Purple (works wonders), Sudocrem 3. Cetaphil Baby, Aveeno, Kodomo

I’m using Jeju wet wipes Desitin blue for diaper cream Cetaphil baby for all in one body and hair wash

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1. pigeon wet wipes 2. desitin 3. cetaphil. if baby has sensitive skin use qv bath oil

I’m using 1. Hoopi & Lucky baby 2. Thomson’s baby bottom balm 3. Cetaphil baby

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im using 1. jeju and hoppi 2. desitin 3. cetaphil and johnson's baby wash

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jeju wet wipes/soonsu story drapolene/nature's organics cetaphil/qv

Wet wipes - huggies Diaper cream - desitin blue Baby soap - Aveeno


1. Huggies 2. Cetaphil 3. Cetaphil

1. Pigeon 2. Ceredan 3. Cetaphil