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Anyone recently deliver in Thomson Medical? Spouse only allowed 30 mins to be there in a day when wife deliver os it true?

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you can have 2 pre designated visitors throughout. so your husband is consider as one. is he fully vaccinated? other visitors only can visit you for 30mins, between 1-8pm. you can email TMC or check with them when you go for next check up. it will be clearer.

1y ago

ok... u can double check coz i just asked only. we can hv two designated visitors :)

My fren delivered last month but i recall her husband had to do art and pcr. I delivered recently at mount e novena and my hb only had to do art every 24h

Just delivered last Sunday, husband can stay over with you if you take a single room and husband does the pcr & art tests.

do check with hospital to get the latest update as it changes