Thomson or Mount E

To deliver ar thomson medical or mount E novena? Which one is better?

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I’m chose TMC due to my gynae being stationed there. Given the recent virus incident, I think it’s proven to be a good and safe choice as TMC caters to mostly pregnant ladies and women conditions while other hospitals have specialists for all types of issues. Just a month or so, Mount E had a covid19 case admitted there, hence am glad I chose TMC. I’d want to avoid / reduce any contact with such persons due to the fact that pregnant ladies have lower immune systems.

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Both hosp r e same. Its jus a branding. Depending on e location which is convinient for me. I delivered mine at SGH, zero complaint.

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Both hospital are about the same. However, I will choose to deliver at the hospital that’s close to home or near hubby’s office

Follow your gynae

3y ago

Yes my gynae only deliver in those hospital.. thats why i am asking for a suggestion :)

Mount e

Mount E


Mt e

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